We Guarantee Your Safe Choice

Our company was founded with the utmost concern for you and your safety, and to ensure that you have a safe home free of problems and defects, which is the main pillar of our slogan “The Safe Choice.” We are the pioneers and pioneers in the field of real estate inspection, as our specialized team of engineers has extensive experience, and they inspect properties with extreme precision using the best international technologies.

The scope of our comprehensive inspection includes assessing the structural quality of the property, inspecting the electrical installations, checking the integrity of the mechanical structure, detecting water leaks, identifying thermal leaks, and inspecting pipes and plumbing. We also document all visible and hidden defects in our comprehensive report, which includes photographs and hard evidence.

In addition, we provide ongoing maintenance services for real estate assets with the aim of constantly improving them. All of these checks help you make informed decisions about the property, especially if you are thinking about purchasing a property. A comprehensive report and the results of various examinations can help you make an informed decision, and allow you to effectively negotiate the price of the property.

مهندسين بلدنغ رانك

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مهندسين بلدنغ رانك

You Can Request Any of The Following Services

Our experienced team of construction and property valuation experts is uniquely qualified to serve a wide range of clients, including contractors, investors, property owners, developers, legal, banking, and insurance professionals. As part of American Standard Global, we can customize solutions to meet each client's needs, whether that's ensuring quality, avoiding delays and claims, or resolving distressed projects. Our multidisciplinary approach supports clients throughout the entire real estate lifecycle, from initial planning and design to ongoing maintenance and improvement.

The Methodology We Adopt in Our Work


of Needs

We first aim to establish a shared understanding with clients about their needs and goals for our services. This allows us to direct them to the best solutions to achieve those goals. Concurrently, we conduct a site visit to gather information and prepare a technical and financial proposal for the requested service.



A date is set for the comprehensive inspection (inspection), during which tests, inspections and examinations are carried out for all the systems that were previously identified, and any problems or deficiencies in the systems are monitored and documented spatially and as a result.


of Data

All inspection outputs are carefully analyzed, placed on the scales of international and local standards, and the expected lifespan of the systems and elements that have been tested and inspected is clarified, while replacement or change schedules for them or parts of them are prepared as needed according to the time priority.



The final report synthesizes the results of all previous stages in a readable, understandable, and well-organized manner. It includes necessary supporting evidence such as images, data, analysis, and recommendations. The report is delivered to the client electronically or on CD, and includes a serial number for easy future reference and reordering.

Inspect The Property and Give Our Client a Comprehensive Report

Building Rank Company's goal is to identify a building's secrets, defects, and safety issues. We assess four key criteria using the latest technologies to provide you with a comprehensive and accurate report on all aspects of the building.

خدمة فحص جودة البناء

Architectural and Civil Standard

The building's structural structure represents an important factor related to safety and its integrity, which makes the building safe by being free of cracks and fissures.

خدمة فحص الرطوبة والتسريبات

Mechanical Services Standard

Water leaks cause significant damage to the building because of the moisture, odors, and damage they cause to the structural structure of the property.

خدمة فحص العقار كهربائياً

Electrical Services Standard

Learn how electricity inspects a building, detects defects, and issues our electrical services report.

البيئة المحيطة والموقع

Site and Environment Standard

The site and environment of the property are of utmost importance, and through us you will learn more information about the work of our engineers within this standard.

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